Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to stop panic attack

How to stop panic attack is probably a good question that millions of people may be wondering. There are differences present from individual to individual and as such, not everything may work for everyone. There are things that tend to work for a wide variety of people however, and we shall discuss one of these.

When an attack starts and even before it does, we may notice the usual symptoms. The growing feeling of anxiety, shorter and more frequent breaths, rapid heart rate, and the rest of them. Afterwards the panic, terror, and fear grips us for a period of time and is unrelenting in the process. How do we deal with this?

We can go about this is by relaxation. Granted it is not easy to grasp this concept when bombarded by the symptoms. First we will do a little practice that will make the process a bit more clear.

Find somewhere to sit, and focus the attention entirely upon being completely still down to every muscle and atom for at least 15-20 minutes. Try not to move at all during this time. Practice this once a day and eventually we may be able to sit down and can instantly relax and remain completely still.

How to stop panic attack when one actually starts to happen will become a simple process. Find a place to sit, and do the same thing you have practiced. Along with this, also move the attention from the fear towards remaining still. Also take controlled deep breaths to retain control. Keep this up until the symptoms have passed and you feel at ease again.

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