Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Age dementia.

The key to it all is using our brains. Here are only a few paths to boost our brain power and banish Alzheimer’s :

1. Take part in mental activities. Intellectual activities keep our brain cells firing. What’s that saying “Use them or lose them?” The same applies in this particular instance. By keeping yourself mentally active, you’ve got the capacity to not only develop new brain cells but also forge new neurological paths between the nerves in your grey matter. To paraphrase, you are keeping your cerebral cortex awake. If you’re retired, look into some adult continuing education classes at a local college or library. Tackle a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or word games. Attend cultural events like plays and concerts.

2. Work on your private life. A lot of research has demonstrated for years that having great friends promotes a longer life. Involve yourself in social activities. Go to your area block party and meet new people. Have a hobby? Find a local group that enjoys similar things you do. Walking clubs and canasta or bunko groups are favored. Volunteer at your local food bank or other community organization. Read or tell stories to kids at library activities. Walk your pet or travel with pals.

3. Get your body moving. Exercise is always a stimulus for boosting brain power. If you get the blood pumping, more oxygen feeds into your cortex, giving you a natural “high.” Besides, exercise improves your physical stamina! When you exercise, you are shedding weight, lowering your blood pressure and chance of stroke. Take a risk and try for a health club or gym membership. Access to varied exercise classes like yoga, tai chi, and heart activity like aerobics helps with skyrocketing brain power.

4. Get rid of the junky, preprocessed food. A sensible diet loaded in vegetables and fruit helps build brain cells. Lowering the cholesterol and fats in your diet not only lowers your chance of stroke or coronary, but it reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s. The term antioxidants has always been bandied about and hailed as a protector of brain cells. Some fish and nuts are excellent for you as is dark, leafy veggies. Visit a nutrition expert to develop the best eating plan for your way of life. You hear that life includes no guarantees. The same applies to the varied ways listed above to increase brain power.

It is irrelevant if you’re genetically inclined to have Alzheimer’s disease or not. Maintaining a healthy active approach to life never hurt anybody. Actually, following through with this “boosting brain power” plan can even slow or halt the illness. So rather than brooding about whether you “might” get Alzheimer’s, starting enjoying life and looking after it.

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